11 Best Bass Guitar Straps To Make Practice Comfortable In 2022 (2023)

The best bass guitar strap can help make your guitar sessions more comfortable and enjoyable. These straps, made explicitly for bass guitars, can reduce the stress built by the guitar’s weight if you are standing and playing it. The bass guitar plays the lowest pitch in a band, and it has a longer neck, scale length, and around four to six strings. While most straps are compatible with most guitars, there might sometimes be slight differences in the attachment system. These straps are made of various materials, such as leather or synthetic, to choose the right one as per your requirement. Take a look at our list of the top guitar straps and the features that help pick the right strap for your bass guitar.

11 Best Bass Guitar Straps

1. Best Durable:Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

The Ernie Ball Black guitar strap is 2in wide and is adjustable from 36in to 68in. The strap is made of polypropylene webbing with premium, real durable leather ends. You can choose from the eleven different colors of straps that come in locking, pick holder, standard, and strap block bundle styles. The pick holder style can hold three guitar picks.Pros

Polypropylene webbing for strength and longevity Adjustable length Durable Delrin buckle Guitar pick holder


Leather might be too thin Strap may be too smooth and slip

2. Best High-Quality:Art Tribute Guitar Strap

If you fancy designer guitar straps with some artwork on them, then the Art Tribute bass guitar strap could be just what you want. This is a complete set and includes two matching picks, strap locks, a neck strap button, and extra attachment strings. The length of the strap is adjustable from 37in to 62in, to suit both adults and children. Each strap is 2in wide and is made of high-quality material that distributes the guitar’s weight equally. It is available in three different colored patterns. Click this video to learn more about the product.Pros

High-quality material with a vintage design Adjustable length Built-in pick pockets Strap locks included for extra safety Complete set


Printed pattern May not be comfortable for heavy guitars

3. Best Lightweight:Kliq Music Gear Bass Strap

The Kliq Music bass strap has a unique design with Air Cell technology. It also contains a 3-inch wide neoprene shoulder pad that helps in even distribution of the weight. The strap length is adjustable from 46in to 56in to give a unique fit.Both the ends of these straps are stitched with top-grade leather for durability and a secure fit. The specialized material traps sweat and lies smoothly on the shoulder and back. You can choose from the nine colors and three sizes available. Learn more about the product in this video.Pros

(Video) Top 5 Best Bass Guitars 2022: Top Long And Short-Scale Bass Options For Beginners To Pros

Unique air cells on the underside for flexibility and comfort Shoulder pad for even weight distribution Adjustable length Leather ends Absorbs sweat Lightweight


May cause neck dive Material might bounce

4. Best Comfortable:Best Sounds Guitar Strap

Made of 100% cotton, the Best Sounds woven strap is smooth and comfortable. It is soft to touch and lightweight to give you a pain-free experience. The ends of these straps contain genuine leather, with a guitar strap lock and button headstock adaptor. The length of the strap is adjustable from 41in to 66.5in and has a width of 2in. BestSounds guitar strap is compatible with acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. It comes in coffee and black colors.Pros

100% woven cotton for maximum comfort Adjustable length Genuine leather ends for durability Safety strap locks Button headstock adaptor


Top and back spans might get twisted with each other May not be genuine leather

5. Best Non-Slip:P Perri’s Leathers Ltd Bass Guitar Strap

With a width of 2.5 in and an adjustable length, the P Perri’s Leathers Ltd bass guitar straps come in two lengths: a standard size (38-53in) and an extra-long size (41-56in). The shoulder part of these straps has suede back that is comfortable and gives an even weight distribution on your shoulders. The vintage-looking straps come with reinforced keyhole and adjustment slots. You can choose from seven different colors.Pros

Comfortable soft suede with sheepskin backing Non-slip Even weight distribution Adjustable length


(Video) It's Harder Than You'd Think...

Sheepskin might get too hot after some time Fit could be an issue

6. Best Easy To Use:Power Guitar Strap for Bass Guitar

This guitar strap has an adjustable length varying from 29-52in and a width of 2in. The strap is made of cotton and plastic, which makes it smooth and comfortable. This padded bass guitar strap comes with a shoulder pad of width 3.2in to distribute the weight on the shoulders evenly. The strap ends come with a quick-lock design for ease of use.Pros

Smooth and comfortable Padded shoulder for even weight distribution Built-in pick holder Quick-lock design


Strap locks may not be durable Quality may not be up to the mark

7. Best Colorful:Qielizi Bass Guitar Strap

If your friend is a space junkie and a guitarist, this bass strap could be one of the best gifts. The set includes a guitar strap, a string, two-strap locks, and two picks. The Qielizi bass strap is 2in wide and has an adjustable length from 35in to 61.5in. The ends of this strap are made of still leather with two rubber rings to prevent the strap from coming off. These straps come in colorful patterns and are said to be compatible with all guitars.Pros

Adjustable length Soft and comfortable on the shoulders Extra attachment strings Colorful patterns Rubber rings to keep the strap in place


Length might be too short for some Strap may slip

8. Best Sturdy:M33 Cotton Guitar Strap

The M33 guitar strap is made of well-knit cotton that is soft and gentle and does not dig into your shoulders. The strap is 2in wide and comes with an adjustable length from 36.6 to 60.6in. This versatile strap is suitable for electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. You will get a complete set that contains three picks, strap locks, and a strap button. The ends of the straps are made of leather that is connected with buckles for durability. You can choose from eight different colors.Pros

(Video) The Top 10 Bass Guitars of ALL Time

Lightweight Soft on the shoulders Complete set Adjustable length Sturdy design


Leather ends come with a fabric backing, which might fray No shoulder pad

9. Best Foam Padded:Levy’s Leathers M4GF-BLK Garment Leather Bass Guitar Strap

With an extra-long and a standard length to choose from, the Levy’s Leathers bass guitar strap is made of 3½-inch garment leather bass strap with foam padding and suede backing. The strap’s length is adjustable from 36 to 52in. Each strap is said to be crafted from the finest genuine leather for superior comfort and durability. The suede leather at the back provides the needed grip. This wide bass guitar strap is ideal for someone who likes a more stable feel while playing. There are six different colors to choose from.Pros

Made of genuine leather Stable wide strap Suede leather backing for a good grip Foam padding for comfort Adjustable length


Length might be too short for some

10. Best Adjustable:Asmuse Bass Guitar Strap

The Asmuse bass guitar strap is made of neoprene SBR memory foam, and two genuine leather ends. The strap is 3.7in wide, and the neoprene foam is 0.48 in thick, which helps in reducing the pressure on your shoulder and back. It comes with an adjustable length from 43 to 53in. The padding near the shoulder helps in even distribution of weight. The ends of this strap are made of genuine, durable leather. It comes in two variants: the 3.7in wide regular and a 3.7in wide long.Pros

Adjustable length Durable premium leather ends Built-in pick holder String for additional safety SBR memory foam padding Three guitar picks included


(Video) One Amp Can Do EVERYTHING (get the most out of your rig)

No fabric backing Pad might be too big for some

11. Best Universal Fit:Melede Guitar Strap

This sleek and stylish guitar strap is made of soft cotton material that is comfortable to wear. It comes with genuine leather ends that are durable and long-lasting. This strap is 2in in width, and the length can be adjusted from 32 to 62in. It has a universal fit and can be used for both acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. The built-in pick pockets come in handy for storing guitar picks. It also comes with a button lock strap adapter, two safety locks, and three guitar picks. You can choose from the three different colors available.Pros

Comfortable and durable material Thick genuine leather ends Built-in pick pockets Universal fit Adjustable length


No shoulder padding

How To Choose The Right Bass Guitar Strap?

Choosing the right bass guitar strap is important, as a good strap will give you comfort and help you play the guitar with ease. Here are a few points to consider while buying a bass guitar strap.

Comfort: This is extremely important; a guitar strap should not dig into your shoulders but should be soft and evenly distribute the weight on both the shoulders. Choose one with a shoulder strap that is padded to be soft and comfortable.

Width: The width of the straps are also important. Usually, wide straps are comfortable and feel good on the shoulders, but if you have narrow shoulders, go for thin straps. However, it is recommended that you should not go for straps than are less that 3 in wide.

Material: Usually, bass guitar straps are made of leather, cotton, and nylon. Leather is durable and reliable, but it is hard to maintain; nylon is stylish but may not be comfortable. Canvas is a good alternative, as it is thick and durable.

Benefits Of Having A Quality Bass Guitar Strap

A good guitar strap might help in the following ways.


Reduces the weight in the hand Gives some handsfree time while standing and singing Keeps the guitar locked in the right position Provides much better control over the instrument

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